What Helped Me Through Lockdown.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing okay. We’ve all been on a journey together- through all the lockdowns, sticking together, we’ve all come a long way. I’ll admit, during the lockdowns, I really did struggle. It got harder as the days went on but I did find ways to escape. So today, as the UK has started to come out of lockdown 3, I wanted to share the things that got me through lockdown.


My Family.

I’m so grateful to have the family that I do. I have been in lockdown with my Mum and little brother. When days were hard, my Mum was the most supportive person ever! She has really helped my brother and I throughout this whole thing and I really can’t thank her enough. She is amazing and I love her so much! As well as my Mum, my Grandma has been a huge support to me too. Every day we’ve been messaging each other. She is amazing and I love her to pieces. And every Friday, the whole of my family go onto Zoom and we have a quiz night which is super fun. It makes us all feel like we’re together even though we are apart.


Swimming Theory Course.

After the first lockdown. I got my first ever job as a poolside assistant. And I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to be able to start back soon. My boss suggested that I should take my Level 1 and 2 swimming teacher course to become a proper swimming teacher and that’s just what I did. I have passed my Level 1 swimming theory course and I currently waiting until I can take my practical test. I am really looking forward to it. Doing this really helped me during the first week of lockdown as it was something I was doing every day and it really helped give me an escape and not overthink everything.


My College Course.

I am really lucky that even though we are in lockdown, I can still study from home. Every week, I have a Microsoft Teams call with my college and it has been great. I’ve been able to work well and continue on with my course this year even though I can’t physically be in college. I did really miss my friends and I couldn’t wait until I could see them all again!



Having something to do in lockdown has been very important to me. And gaming has been a big part of that. I have regularly been playing Among Us and Mario Kart on both my phone and Nintendo Switch all the time. It’s given me something to do and it has helped me so much. Being able to do this I have been super grateful for. As well as this, I’ve also played board games with my Mum and Oscar which has been really fun to do!



I really enjoy listening to Podcasts. My top two which I listen to every single week is The Girls Bathroom and the What’s Good Podcast which is available on both YouTube and Spotify. Both of these are amazing so if you haven’t already, you should definitely go and check these out. Someday, I’d love to be able to have my own Podcast. I think it would be so much fun!



I am a HUGE Disney fan. I am just completely obsessed with it. Pretty much most nights I sit and watch a Disney film. Throughout lockdown I have watched all three High School Musicals, watched my two favourite Disney films which are Tangled and Cars, and my family and I have decided we’re going to rewatch The Simpson’s from the very beginning as we haven’t watched it for probably about 5 or 6 years now. Disney+ definitely was a big thing for a lot of people during lockdown. I know it was a big thing for me.



I have so many favourite YouTubers like the Sidemen, Saffron Barker, Anastasia Kingsnorth and Sophia and Cinzia plus loads more. So having them upload weekly has definitely been helpful during lockdown.


My Blog!

I started my blog on July 1st 2020 and I have loved every second of writing posts for you all to read. I’ve always wanted my own blog but have been quite anxious about having one. But I am so incredibly grateful to finally have one. Coming up with post ideas and writing them have been amazing and it has helped me have something else to do. I want to make my blog a place that everyone enjoys and can have fun. It really is special to me!


And those are the things that really helped me throughout lockdown. I hope you enjoyed reading. We have all been through so much and I’m proud of every single person! We’ve found our ways through this difficult time and it is incredible what everyone has achieved. People have found news skills and interests and have hit so many milestones. Everyone here should be so proud of themselves. Remember to reach out to your loved ones and check that they’re okay. And if you ever feel upset or are struggling, please feel free to message me! I am always happy to have a chat with you!


That is all from me today. I really hoped you all enjoyed today’s post. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week. I hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you on Wednesday for my next post. See you soon!


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx

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