Top Nail Designs for Summer

Hey there everyone! How are you doing today? For today, I wanted to do a post that I really enjoy doing here on Ohsostacey, and that is my top nail designs! I love painting my nails and trying out new looks and colours. I always get my inspiration from Pinterest. So as we’re in June, I thought it would be a great time to show you my favourite nail designs for Summer 2021. I hope you all enjoy!Starting with this very cute look, we have a set of marble nails. I love the pink tones in it and the pink ombre nails alongside this. I think they look so amazing together and pull off a really nice summer look.

I also have this nail look which is again very similar to the last look except it doesn’t have the bolder ombre nails with it too. And the detail is much more subtle on the marble nail. We still have that hint of pink within the marble nail as well as fully coated pink nails, but this look gives us more of a casual vibe.

Next we have these coral ombre nails. Coral is such a gorgeous summer colour and I love it. So these nails definitely made it onto the list. They’re absolutely stunning and I love how well the colours go together foaming this perfect ombre look. I’d definitely want to have nails painted this colour, especially for summer.

Yellow is another colour to screams summer! So I 100% needed to included it somewhere in these looks! We have three nails painted in this gorgeous yellow colour and then we have two nails painted in a subtle nude. I love how well these two colours go together. They’re so gorgeous together. Then for added detail, both nude nails have this little gem placed on them. I think it really adds that little bit extra to this look. I will definitely be trying this look this summer. It is so pretty!

Next up, we have a lot of pink. So many people have each shade of a certain colour on each nail and I really like it. But my favourite has to be pink. I love how we start at this light, pastel pink and finish at the darker, rich pink. I think it is so lovely and would be great for summer.

I love butterflies and they’re always out around spring and summer so when I saw this look, I knew it would be perfect to add. I love the white of each nail. The fully painted white nails go so well with the white butterflies on the pink nail. This really is such a cute look!

The final look for today is this one. It’s definitely a creative look for sure! So we have a mixture of different colours in this look. We have a light purple/lilac shade with a pastel pink colour too. Then for that extra detail, we have a hint of black to highlight those little spots. We have three of the nails fully coated in the lilac nail polish before moving onto two of the nails painted in the pastel pink. On top of the two pink nails, we have a purple overlay of stripes before adding several black spots along the nails. I love how cute they are!


And those are my top nail designs for Summer. I hope you enjoyed reading! Which is your favourite look? I really like the yellow and nude nails as I think they’re definitely a very summery look. I am so happy that summer is finally here. I’m so excited for the sun to be out and the warm weather to be here with us. It’s going to be lovely!


But that’s all from me today. Don’t forget, you can follow me over on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week. I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s post and I will see you on Wednesday with my next post. Have a lovely week and I will see you soon!


Lots of love,

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