Top 7 favourite nail designs

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing okay. How have you all been? Now I’m one of those girls who loves painting their nails. I have never gone out and had mine done by a professional as I have always done my own. I love doing them. I always get my inspiration from nail looks on Pinterest and I have a board full of new ideas that I am wanting to try. I have a full drawer filled with all different coloured nail polishes. I’d say my two favourite brands would be Essie and Ciaté London. So for today’s post, I thought I would share my top 7 favourite nail designs for you to try out for yourself. Whether you’re doing them yourself or getting them done and you’re stuck for a design, hopefully here you can find a design you love and want to try out.


First up we have a style that I do quite a lot. We have four nails painted in this beautiful burgundy colour and then to add something a little extra to it, we have this sparkly nail. I do switch this up and occasionally do gold or rose gold. I do think rose gold goes so well with it. It adds that extra pop and shimmer to this look. It is definitely one of my favourites.

This next design is such a pretty look. I could really imagine somebody having their nails like this for an event like a wedding. We have the light toned grey colour nail vanish for four of the nails then on the ring finger we have a hint of baby pink to give off a more natural look which is then covered with a hint of sparkling silver nail vanish. This is such a beautiful design which I really love. It’s so lovely. The colours really go well together.


Next we have a mixture of different tones of reds and pinks to create this look. They compliment each other so nicely really creating such a nice design. I love the lighter burgundy on three of the nails with a darker burgundy shade on two of the nails. Adding the pink glitter to the darker burgundy adds so much more to this look. I think this design would be great to wear during the autumn months as burgundy is known to be a very autumn time colour. But it is so pretty that you could wear it whenever. It is very casual and not too much but it can still be seen as an elegant design.


Here we have a gorgeous set of crystal white nails with a shimmery silver touch to one nail. I love how sweet this design is. It’s beautiful, and shows off so well. White can sometimes be one of those colours people always overthink having done, but I really like it. Especially when I see nail ideas like this, it makes me want it more. I tend to add white to one or two of my nails so they’re not all matching, but I really love this look. I think it is so pretty.


Moving onto these very cute nails. All five nails are painted in a gorgeous baby pink, then on one nail, we have this marble affect. I love the darker pink in it which shimmers in the light. It is such a stunning design and I absolutely love it! It brings such a modern vibe to your nails. It is so nice.


If you love the colour purple, then I guarantee this next design is perfect for you! Here we have what I’d say is a rainbow of different shades of purple. Starting from the lightest shade to ending with the darkest shade, if you can’t pick which colour to wear first, why not go with all five? I really like how well these goes together. It’s definitely good for a change in your normal style if you only stick with one colour.


Finally, we have this gorgeous design. Very basic, but also very pretty to wear. Here we have a lovely black nail polish on four of the nails then we have one nail filled in with this gorgeous gold glitter polish. Then finally, we have one nail with an overcoat of gold glitter to really add character to one of the basic black nails. How beautiful is that? If you are planning to go out somewhere fancy and you are maybe wearing a black dress, I would definitely recommend this design to match. I think it would go perfect together.


And those are my top 7 nail designs which I absolutely love. I love being able to paint my nails as I can go with whatever style I want and I can change it up as much as I’d like. You can go with any colour or shade that you want and create a design that is best for you. It makes you feel confident and happy. I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s post. What’s your favourite colour nail polish that you use? Mine is definitely my rose gold nail polish which is from Ciaté London. I love the shimmer it has to it and with rose gold being my favourite colour, it fits me so well.


Please leave me any comments below on future posts you would like me to write. I’d love to hear from you. But that’s all from me today. I hope you all have a fab week ahead and I hope to see you all soon!


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx



  1. August 3, 2020 / 9:33 am

    oh my goshhhh!! The second nail design is to die for! They look so prettyyy!! Obsessed! The purple ombre type ones as well, I love!! Honestly love reading your posts, always got good style and give great ideas!! love, love, love

    • August 3, 2020 / 9:35 am

      How cute is it?! I literally love it so much. I definitely want to paint my nails soon in one of these designs because they are just stunning!

      Awww, thank you so much! I hope you love reading the posts that will be coming very soon! Xoxo

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