Top 5 outfits for Summer

Hello everyone,  how are you all doing? How has your week been? I’ve just got back from a holiday in Great Yarmouth so I have been very busy. I was nice to get away for a week. Now we’re home and settled again, I can do more on my blog. I have some great ideas so stick around to see them coming soon. I hope you will all enjoy reading them. But for today’s post, I thought I would do my top 5 outfits for Summer. We’re in the middle of July now so let’s hopefully make the rest of this summer a good one.


My first outfit is probably my favourite one. I have my black bee top from Topshop paired with some black high waisted denim shorts from River Island. These two go so nicely together and then adding my cropped camo jacket from NewLook really finishes the look. Because of how cute and casual this outfit is, I wear a pair of Adidas trainers with it. I love how summery the bee top is. It is one of my favourites with how nice it is to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down making it the perfect top for summer.


My next outfit is again another very casual outfit. To start with we have a grey crop top from Pretty Little Thing and then to go with this a pair of black high waisted denim shorts from River Island. And then to finish this look again, my cropped camo jacket from NewLook. With this, I love wearing my white sandals which are also from NewLook. I think all of the colours go nicely together and it looks so nice. I really enjoy wearing this outfit all summer long.


With this next outfit, I just love how well the colours complement each other. They go together amazingly well pulling together one great outfit for the summer days ahead of us. First, we have a burgundy crop top from Primark styled with a pair of black high waisted denim shorts from River Island and then finishing off with the camo jacket from NewLook again. Footware wise, I think a pair of trainers go so nicely with it. The colours pop all together and the outfit alone is gorgeous.


Next, we have this stunning black tassel playsuit from Pretty Little Thing. You might recognise it from my June Favourites post. I love the style of it being a halterneck and I love the tassels that go all the way around the bottom of the playsuit. To go with this, I think a pair of sandals goes best. It is such a cute outfit to wear as a casual outfit or even for a special occasion this summer. I would definitely wear this for a meal out because of how nice it is. It is so pretty, I love it.


For my final summer outfit, we have this white top from NewLook which has a print of some lips on the front in a camouflage design (if you can’t tell, I’m really liking camouflage at the minute) and it has this text along the outline of the lips. I love this top so much. My Mum got it me and it is so cute! To go with this, I like to wear my black high waisted denim shorts from River Island and then a pair of grey trainers to match the colour scheme of the lips. Then to finish this look, I style it with my cropped camo jacket from NewLook. I first wore this outfit on my holiday and I loved it. It is such a cute style and very summery.


And they are my top 5 favourite outfits for Summer 2020. I hope you all enjoyed reading along today. Which was your favourite outfit? And what is your favourite outfit to wear in the summer? I’d definitely say the first outfit is my favourite. Every time I wear it, I feel so summery and in an overall great mood. There’s something about it that I just love.


But that’s all from me today, I hope you all enjoyed reading. If you have any requests for future posts, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates if you would like to. I hope to see you again on Wednesday for my next post. I hope you all have a great week ahead and I will see you very soon!


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx


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