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Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I’ve been super busy so far this week with college work but it’s all going well. I’ve loved my course so far which is amazing. But anyway, for today’s post I wanted to show you all my winter wish list on Pretty Little Thing. These are all my top outfit picks from Pretty Little Thing for my winter wardrobe this year. They’re mostly things that I think would look good with some clothes that I have to make the perfect winter outfit. I will be leaving the links and prices to everything below so feel free to check them out!


Starting with the first piece. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will know that one of my favourite tops in my black long sleeve ribbed crop top from Pretty Little Thing. Well, now they have recreated this top but in a jumper. We have the same ribbed styles top however, it is a knitted jumper  I think it looks so cute and as it looked like my favourite top, I had to include it. 

Black ribbed knit jumper, £12 Pretty Little Thing:


Sticking with jumpers, next up we have this gorgeous one shouldered jumper. This is becoming more and more of a style and I really do like it. And I love the blush pink of the jumper. It is super cute! I think this would go great with a pair of black jeans or leggings creating a really comfy and cosy winter outfit.
Blush off the shoulder jumper, £12 Pretty Little Thing:


I always love getting myself new tops. I have so many which I love. This next styled top I am really liking at the minute. It is the ribbed racer neck vest in white. Pretty Little Thing do this top in so many different colours. I also really like it in black. I think this styled top is such a winter themed top. It can be styled perfectly with winter pieces like leathers jackets. I can’t wait to come up with so sort of winter outfit using tops like this. As it is currently a very ‘in’ winter colour, I really like the chocolate colour top in this style too. I have seen so many people wearing it and it looks amazing.
White rib neck vest top, £8 Pretty Little Thing:


Next we have a personal favourite of mine- a denim jacket. I love denim jackets. I think they are so pretty to wear and they add so much to outfits. Whether I’m going out with my family or out and about with friends, I always wear some kind of denim jacket. With it being winter, I really like the black denim jackets. I feel like in shops, they come into style more around autumn and winter whereas the blue ones come in around spring and summer. But this one from Pretty Little Thing I think is stunning! It is so pretty and I think it would go great with one of the tops I previously mentioned.

Black Denim Jacket, £30 Pretty Little Thing:


Moving onto something a little different now. Active wear is becoming more of a big thing at the minute. I actually know a lot of people who prefer wearing gym clothes compared to the standard clothing pieces. As it’s colder, this top is perfect for the gym. It has long sleeves keeping you warm throughout your workout. Whether you’re in the gym or having a run, this top is the perfect style to wear during the winter. Pretty Little Thing also sell this top in grey.
Black long sleeve gym top, £15 Pretty Little Thing:


With the active wear, Pretty Little Thing also do this hoodie which I think is great to wear if you’re working out and going for a run in the winter months  over the long sleeve top, you would have the perfect gym outfit. This hoodie is also available in white.
Pretty Little Thing black cropped sports hoodie, £20 Pretty Little Thing:


The final piece if clothing I have to show you today is this puffer jacket. I do see a lot of people out and about in jackets similar to this which is why I have included it in my post. I have a black bomber jacket similar to this which I love wearing. It looks like it would definitely keep your warm if you’re out at work or are off to college every day. It’s available in other colours too so you can pick out which one fits you.
Black puffer jacket, £28 Pretty Little Thing:


I hope you all enjoyed readings today’s post. What is your favourite piece of winter clothing? Out of everything I have, I would have to say my leather jacket. I think it is so stylish to wear and it always keeps me warm. I just love it!  If there are any kinds of posts you would like to see on my blog in the future, please comment your ideas down below. I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you again tomorrow for my next post. Have a great day tomorrow and I will see you soon!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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