November Favourites

Hey there everyone! I hope you have all had a good day today. I can’t believe today marks the first week of blogmas! I really hope you have all enjoyed it so far. I am loving writing these posts and uploading them every day. It is so much fun! For today’s post, I thought I would do one of my regular posts which is my monthly favourites. Today I will be sharing my November favourites with you all. I hope you enjoy!

First up is my new favourite thing- my new adidas trainers. I love adidas trainers. I have had my old pair for about three or four years now and I was getting ready for some new ones so my Mum treated me to a new pair. They’re black with three neon pink stripes on the sides. They’re so comfy and I love wearing them every day!

Next up is a pair of gym leggings from Pretty Little Thing. I really like these as they have two mesh sections on the legs which looks so nice on. I actually got these on a Black Friday Deal. They should’ve been £10 and I got them for £9. I think they look super cute and I love them!

Black Mesh Leggings, £10 Pretty Little Thing:

As I am currently having my bedroom decorated, I haven’t been able to use a lot of my things as they’ve been in boxes. We moved at the end of February but with lockdown, I had to wait for all my new bedroom furniture to come. But one thing I have recently managed to use again is my water speakers. I have had these for five years now but I love using them. When you play your music through them, water shoots up in different colours. They look so cool when it’s dark and they’re on. On the days we’re I have to do my college work from home, I enjoy listening to music. So I have been using them a lot when I’m working. They’re super cool. I can’t actually remember when I got them from but shops like Amazon and B&M still sell them.


And those were my favourites for November. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you haven’t read last months, here is my October Favourites for you to give a read. If there are any kinds of posts you would like to read in the future, please comment them below. I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. Thank you so much for joining me in the first week of blogmas. I can’t wait for this next weeks posts- I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am. I will see you tomorrow for my next post. See you soon!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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