My Winter Wardrobe 2020

Hey everyone, how are you doing? In the words of Phoebe Buffay, “Merry Christmas Eve Eve.” I can’t believe we are only 2 days away from Christmas!  It feels as though it has gone so quickly. Which means that blogmas is almost up. I have loved every second of writing these posts for you guys and I really hope you have enjoyed them. For today’s post, I thought I would show you all my winter wardrobe for 2020. Some of these clothes I have bought recently and others are just some of my favourite winter clothes. I will be leaving prices and links to everything wherever I can so feel free to check them out if you find something you like. I hope you enjoy reading today’s post!


Starting with the all famous black ribbed long sleeve crop top from Pretty Little Thing- my all time favourite top. Of course I’m going to still be wearing this in winter. I can pretty much style it with anything all the time. My go to is a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans and my camo jacket but I also like to pair it with my burgundy skirt, my leather jacket and some tights. Even though it is a crop top, the long sleeves give it that extra bit of warmth. I really do love this top- it was definitely a great buy from Pretty Little Thing!

Black ribbed long sleeve crop top, £10 Pretty Little Thing: Link not available.


Next we have a similar style top. But this time it is in burgundy! It may also be a crop top however, on the body, it is definitely longer compared to my black top. But it does have a little cut out section in the middle which is really nice. Again, with this outfit, I tend to style it with my Missguided black high waisted ripped skinny jeans and my leather jacket as the colours all go together really nicely. The burgundy top gives us that extra pop of colour which I love. Overall, I think this is a great winter outfit for my winter wardrobe!

Burgundy long sleeve crop top, £10 Pretty Little Thing:

Missguided High Waisted Ripped Jeans, £25 Missguided:


Next we have this gorgeous baby pink crop top. This top is so cute I adore it! I got it from Pretty Little Thing and it was a birthday present my Mum got me and I absolutely love it! I really like styling it with my black high waisted ripped skinny jeans from Missguided and my camo jacket. The mix of the colours go really well together and I think this is a great outfit to wear on a warmer winters day.

Basic Baby Pink Roll Sleeve Crop Top, £5 Pretty Little Thing: 


Another favourite top of mine from NewLook is my Wild one. It has a pattern text which I think looks super cute. It also has a light tie at the bottom of the top which adds a bit more to the top. I really love wearing it to college. With this, I always wear my black high waisted skinny jeans which are from Primark and my black H&M bomber jacket. I think the two black clothing pieces complement the white top really well and it makes the patterned text stand out more.

Wild top, NewLook: Link not available.


Jeans wise, I love my Missguided high waisted ripped skinny jeans. They are super comfy and so nice. I wear them all the time! I am wanting to get another pair as they are probably my favourite jeans. I styled them with practically everything in my wardrobe as they go with everything.

Black High Waisted Ripped Skinny Jeans, £25 Missguided:


Then when it comes to a pair of jeans without the rips, I always go for my Primark ones. I have so many pairs of these jeans and even have one pair in blue. I think these are so nice to wear and they do keep me warm throughout winter. Again, I style pretty much everything with these jeans. Black jeans are just my go to clothing piece!

Black high waisted skinny jeans, £10 Primark:  Link not available


Moving onto jackets now and I have a LOT of these! Starting with probably my favourite jacket- my cropped camo jacket. I got this from NewLook and I wear it all the time. It is so cute and I can either dress it up or dress is down depending on the occasion. If I’m having a casual day at college, I wear it there or if I’m having a meal out or a shopping trip with my family, I wear it there. It is so nice and I love it!

Cropped camo denim jacket, £15.99 NewLook:


Another favourite jacket of mine is my black denim jacket. I got this from Primark as I was looking everywhere for a black denim jacket but they all seemed to be quite expensive. I got mine from Primark for £13 which I think is an amazing price! It keeps me so warm and I love wearing it over white tops as I think they go so nicely together. My go to style with this jacket is styling it with a plain white crop to and then either black high waisted skinny jeans or my black denim shorts when it’s summer.

Black denim jacket, £13 Primark: Link not available


Moving onto my leather jacket now. I actually did a full post on 7 ways to style a leather jacket. Some of the pieces I chose in that post are included in this one from the winter theme. I think that leather jackets are a statement piece to winter. More people seem to wear them in this season as they are kept so warm in them. I always like to pair it with either a black or burgundy coloured top as I think the two colours complement each other really well.

Leather jacket, £13 Primark: Link not available


The final jacket on my list is my black bomber jacket. I got this years ago from H&M and I only just found it out again from when we moved in February. I haven’t wore it in such a long time so I am excited to start wearing it again this winter. It is quite puffy so it does keep me warm and it has lots of pockets so I can keep my phone stored in there while I’m out.

Black bomber jacket, H&M: Link not available.


So that is my updated winter wardrobe for 2020. I really hope you enjoyed reading along to todays post. What is your favourite winter clothing piece? If there are any kinds of posts you would like to read in the future, please comment them down below. I’d love to hear from you! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I will see you tomorrow for my next post. Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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