My Winter Essentials

Hello everyone. I hope you have had a great day today. I thought for today’s post I would show you all my winter essentials. I always have these throughout the cold, winter months we have. Is there something essential that you keep with you during the winter? I hope you enjoy reading!


First up, we have a blanket. There really has been so many nights were I have been in bed with an extra blanket. I love how my pink fluffy throw from Primark has kept me warm on those cold days. I’ve been sat doing my college work on my laptop all wrapped up in it. It has to be the first thing I pull out the second it starts turning cool outside.


Next we have a pair of boots. I love styling boots with winter outfits. Whether is an ankle boot or a knee high boot, I love wearing them. They keep your feet nice and warm throughout the day. Last year at college, it was absolutely freezing. It was so cold my feet were freezing in just my trainers. I went and got a new pair of boots and after that, I had warm feet. There was a few days were I did also wear a pair of fluffy socks as it was super cold out! Whenever it is winter- especially when it is snowy, I think boots are the perfect option to wear.


Lip balm is definitely a winter essential. I carry it with me all the time! I do actually need to get myself a new one too. I tend to get Maybelline’s original BabyLips lip balm which is £3.99 from Superdrug. This for me personally is my favourite so I always get it. I really think with how cold it is, lip balm is definitely a requirement.


Moving onto clothes now, I think we will start with a hat. When I was younger, I use to always wear hats when it was cold. The majority of the time now, I just use my hood on my coat to keep me warm however, hats are always a great option. My current winter hat was from Primark. It is this beautiful cream colour with a bit of fluff on top. It is super cute and does keep me warm. The only thing that puts me off wearing hats is that when I take it off, my hair looks so messy!


As well as I hat, scarfs are a good winter essential to have. Again, the current scarf which I have matches my hat and it from Primark. I don’t really wear it that much as my coat keeps me so much warmer however, having it handy is so much better.


The final winter essential of mine is lots of warm jumpers. I’ve started wearing mine again as it is getting colder now. Nothing beats a warm jumper of a cold winter morning. My favourite has to be my grey friends jumper. I am always wearing it. It is so soft and comfy to wear.


And those are all my winter essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading. What kind of winter essentials do you all have/used during these months? If there are any kinds of posts that you would like to see on my blog in the new year please comment them below. I’d love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that is all from me today. I really hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and I will see you tomorrow with my next post. Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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