My Christmas Wish list 2020

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Are you enjoying my Ohsostacey Blogmas so far? I’m having so much fun writing up all of these posts. They’re great fun. For today’s post, I thought I would do my Christmas wish list for 2020. I’ve done a wish list based on teenage girls and boys so I thought why not do my own too. There’s a mix of things between the two plus some extra that I didn’t include. I hope you all enjoy reading along! Sometimes when someone does their own personal wish list, I feel like people sometimes take different ideas for presents or think of someone they know who have a similar taste would like the present idea.

The most expensive thing I have asked for this year is a camera. With doing the course I do at college, we always use a camera. So having my own would be amazing and a really handy thing for me. Plus, I would have a proper set up to take much better pictures for my blog to make it the best for you all. So this year, I have asked for my very own camera.

Most years at Christmas or on my birthday, I get something from Pandora. Whether it’s a ring or a charm to add to my bracelet, I would be so grateful to have something from Pandora again this Christmas. Recently, I have been looking at getting myself a new ring so maybe getting on for Christmas would be a real treat!

One thing I spotted a while ago is this stunning River Island handbag. I love bags and purses which River Island do as they’re always so beautiful and this one is definitely one of my favourites they do. I love the gorgeous grey colour and the size is perfect. Big enough to fit all of my everyday things in and small enough to be a casual bag which is easy to take out with me. I already have a bag from River Island which I use all the time so this one would be used a lot too.

Another sort of expensive present is Apple AirPods. I included this in both my Gift Guides for teen girls and boys. I just thing they’re super handy to have with them being Bluetooth. Travelling to college every day, I do listen to music so having a pair of AirPods would be amazing! Instead of having a pair of wired headphones all tangled up in my bag, I can quickly grab my AirPods without a fuss.

Moving onto something I did include in my Teenage Girl Christmas Gift Guide post and that is an eye palette from Morphe . I have bought three palettes as presents for people and all three palettes have gone down a treat. Again, they’re really great value for money and there are so many stunning colours. My favourite eye shadow palettes Morphe currently do are Cooper Spice and Truth or Bare. They are both filled with very neutral colours with some gold and bronze colours hidden in there too. These are the sorts of colours I wear as I like to keep my makeup very neutral and to a minimum. So this is why I really like these palettes.

One thing I love about Christmas is definitely the range of Christmas gifts Lush stock every year. My favourite by far has to be the Snow Fairy gift set. My Mum gets me it every single year. I just love it so so much! If they ever didn’t do it I’d be so upset- actually, I’d be distraught! It really feels like Christmas whenever all these gift sets get stocked in Lush. This is definitely such a great gift idea for someone who loves Lush!


The final thing on my wish list is some new clothes. I love getting clothes as a gift and I always get some for Christmas. It tends to be a cute outfit for Christmas day which I love. For my birthday, my Mum did me a big Pretty Little Thing order and I was so happy with all the new clothes I got. So something like that again would be a great gift for me. I’m always so grateful to get clothes as a presents.


And ending with that last idea, that is my Christmas wish list for 2020. I hope you all enjoyed reading along. What’s on your Christmas list for this year? I have some really good ideas for what I’m going to get people this Christmas which I am super excited about. I love giving gifts to my loved ones. It makes me so happy and I get so excited about it!


But that’s all from me today. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week. I hope you all have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for my next post. See you soon!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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