My 18th Birthday!

Hey everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely week. Have you done anything nice? I’ve been super busy this week. I’ve been at work and I’ve been doing some filming for a college project. But I’m back with another post I am super excited about.

So if you didn’t know, I turned 18 on September 10th and I had the most amazing day! It was incredible! I had a party, I went out at the weekend and I spent the day with all my family and friends. It was great. So for today’s post with it being exactly a month since my birthday, I thought I’d share with you everything I did and all the lovely things I had. I hope you enjoy reading!

My Mum had been planning my 18th since the first lockdown and she did an incredible job! She planned the most amazing birthday and party ever. I am so grateful for everything I had for my 18th. It really is a day I will never forget.


On the 9th of September my Mum and I went and had our nails done. It was the first ever time I’d had my nails done. They were gel ones and I absolutely loved them. I had them done in the morning and was going to work later that night so I had to be super careful. Then before my party on my birthday, I had my makeup and hair done. I had two waterfall braids done with my hair straightened. I loved it.

I had such lovely presents- I am so grateful for everything I had. From my Mum I got an Apple Watch SE in gold, a new strap for the watch, the new Disney x Pandora Rapunzel charm, the 18 Pandora charm, an amazing video message from my favourite actress on Neighbours April Rose Pengilly, some Morphe makeup, a Miss Dior perfume, some vanilla cupcake tea lights, a tea light holder, a top, a 18 gift set which has a glass, photo frame and key inside and a box of black magic. As well as this she threw me a huge 18th birthday and took me out into Nottingham for a meal at Las Iguanas. Then from my little brother Oscar, I had the Unicorn Pandora charm which is super cute. He picked it out all by himself.

Now for the party itself. Omg it was incredible! My Mum went above and beyond for this and I am so incredible grateful for everything she did. It was amazing! So party wise, we went for a purple theme. It was based around the Disney film Tangled with that being my all time favourite Disney film. I had a Rapunzel cake which was absolutely delicious. My cousin did all the balloons and helped us decorate the hall. There were mixtures of purples and gold to really bring that Tangled theme to life. Each table had these light up balloons on which looks amazing. Then we had the big balloon arch as well.

We also had a big light up 18 which I took so many photos next too. They looked incredible and definitely added so much to the room. As you can see above it, my Mum had this big banner across the wall which was great.

Then my Mum got me a magic mirror photo booth which was another hit. At my 16th birthday party, everyone loved it so we knew we had to do it again. Here is a picture of all of my friends and I on it and then some I took with my Mum and Grandma. We loved it! And we all got this print out of them. We took three photos and then they were printed out just like this and added to a scrapbook for me to have. Everyone wrote a little message inside which I loved reading. They were all so lovely!

We hired out one of my friends sweet karts she had been doing. We had all kinds of sweets and a donut wall. This was definitely a hit for my younger cousins as they loved it and kept going back for more.

Then finally, we had an amazing DJ. Throughout lockdown, we’d been doing these online quizzes so we managed to get one of the DJs (who happens to be my favourite) to come and play us some music and even host a quiz! There was a Disney round, a music round, a round all about me and a general knowledge round. My friends and I were team Kachow and we came 5th. It was incredible. My fiends kept asking for the song Life is a Highway by the Rascal Flatts as they know Cars is my favourite Pixar Film so we were singing and dancing to it every time it was played. We played it three times and loved it more every time. It’s safe to say everyone went home singing it haha!

Then on the Saturday, myself, my Mum, my Grandma, my cousin, my friends and two of my aunties all went out into Nottingham for a meal at Las Iguanas and some cocktails. I really enjoyed going and have been back again as it is so nice.

I had the best birthday weekend and really enjoyed myself. I’m so grateful for everything I got and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. It’s still something we all talk about as we had the best time all together. Thank you all so much for reading today’s post, I hope you all enjoyed it. This one meant a lot to me with it being about my 18th. Don’t forget you can follow me over on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you on Wednesday for my next post. It’s going to be a very different one! Have a lovely week and I will see you soon.


Lots of love,

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