July Favourites

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you have had a great week. I’ve had a great weekend having fun in a hot tub my Mum hired over the weekend. And the weather has been perfect for it where I live. It’s been great! I also can’t quite believe my blog is officially a month old. July really did fly by. I loved writing my favourites for June last month, so I wanted to do it again for July. I got some lovely things which I have been using a lot, so I wanted to put them in a post again. I will be leaving links to this where possible so feel free to check them out. I hope you enjoy reading!


The first thing on my list is this stunning rabbit charm from Pandora. Sadly at the beginning of July, we lost our bunnies Jasper and Nutmeg. They meant the world to me and I wanted to get something in memory of them and to make me feel like they were still with us. We got them when I’d first left school and when I was suffering really badly with my anxiety and they both helped so much. Looking after them both everyday really calmed me down when I was upset and gave me some escape from the world. Whenever I was upset or felt anxious, I would just sit by their cage and give them both a fuss and talk to them about stuff to get it off my chest. It really helped when I felt alone at times. Because of how special they were to me, I wanted something to honour them. And that’s when I found out Pandora did a rabbit charm. It was £30 and I am so happy with it. Wearing my bracelet everyday keeps Jasper and Nutmeg close to me now. I still miss them so much but having this charm is a reminder of how loved they were. It means the world to me, so it is at the top of my favourites list for this month.

Daisy the rabbit charm, £30 Pandora:


Next up is this cute pyjama top of Thumper which was from Primark. Just before lockdown I saw this in Primark and when I went to go get it the following day, they had sold out. I was gutted about it because I really liked the top. I totally forgot about it and then when we went shopping for the first time in four months, I saw it. I couldn’t believe it! The top was £6 which is great and there were also two options for bottoms sold separately but the shorts that I wanted to get were not my size so I will be keeping my eye out for them to come back in my size.

Thumper pyjama top, £6 Primark:


Another buy from Primark was this off the shoulder white top. I remember seeing this with my Mum and we both loved it so much we had to get it. It’s so comfy to wear and it stays secure on your shoulders. It doesn’t move about at all. I think this is so cute to wear and a really good top to wear in summer. This top was £6 at Primark which is another great price for such a lovely top.

White off the shoulder top, £6 Primark:


To go with the white top to make a really nice summer outfit is this high waisted denim skirt. This was £10 from Primark. It goes so nicely with the top. I love the fact that it is a high waisted skirt. I always get high waisted jeans and shorts, so this was definitely perfect for me. I never wear skirts anymore, so I was very excited to try out wearing one again. And I really do like it.

High waisted denim skirt, £10 Primark: (No link currently available)


Another thing I got from Pandora recently was this safety chain. It has hearts all the way around the clips forming a lovely heart loop. With having more charms on my bracelet, I was getting worried about losing them and my bracelet. So, I knew it was time to get myself a safety chain. I decided to get the one with the hearts on it to match my heart clasp on my bracelet and to go with my hearts rings. It’s a great thing to have to keep the bracelet safe and I would definitely recommend getting one if you don’t have one already. I know too many people who have lost their bracelets recently and I didn’t want to lose mine as it is so important to me. This safety chain was £35 from Pandora.

Band of hearts safety chain, £35 Pandora:


The final thing on my favourites list for July is this very cute lobster print top from NewLook which my Mum got it me. Last year she got me a top which had palm trees on it in this design and I love that top so much. She saw this design and thought it was super cute so she got it me. And I definitely agree with her as it is so nice! I love it. It’s so comfy to wear and brings great summer vibes to it. This top is £6.99.

Lobster print top, £6.99 Newlook:


And those were my favourite things for the month July. I hope you all enjoyed reading along today. If there are any kinds of posts you would like to read on my blog in the future, please leave a comment below on what you’d like to see. I’d love to hear from you. That’s all from me today but I hope to see you again Wednesday for my next post. Have a great week and I hope to see you soon!


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx


  1. August 3, 2020 / 9:25 am

    Hey! The bunny charm is super cute and such a nice memorial product. I am so sorry to hear about the lose of them both I know how hard losing a pet can be, Sending you all my love and wishes! You’ve got a great fashion taste, I am especially in love with the Thumper top! It is super cute and I will be definitely keeping my eye out for it. I hope yourself and your family are well and can’t wait to read more!

    Much love~Rebekah xoxo

    • August 3, 2020 / 9:39 am

      Hey! Awww, thank you so much. They were very special to me so I’m glad I have something keeping them with me all the time. We are well thank you and we are all sending our love to you and hoping you are okay ? xx

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