Easter Baking Ideas.

Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing great today. As Easter is just around the corner, I thought today would be a great day to do an Easter baking ideas post. I love baking, especially when I do it with my family. It’s so much fun. I get a lot of baking inspiration from Pinterest and this year I have saved so many different recipes and found so many different ways to decorate cakes. So today I’m going to go through some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy!


Starting with a classic Easter baking idea, nest eggs. When I was at Primary school, we always made these! They are super nice and I love how creative they are. And of course, who doesn’t love mini eggs?


Another mini egg bake idea is these cupcakes. I love how they are decorated. We have the swirl from the chocolate icing with three mini eggs place on top with some golden sprinkles. It is so cute and a really fun Easter baking idea. I really want to give these a go as they look amazing!


Another cupcake idea is with these Malteser bunnies. So we have a chocolate sponge cupcake with some vanilla icing dolloped on top. Then to add a cute decoration to it, each cupcake has a Malteser bunny placed on the icing with crumbled Malteser sprinkled all around it. I absolutely love these cupcakes and will 100% be wanting to give these a try. They look so cute and definitely tasty as I love Maltesers. And I think this would be a family favourite as my family love maltesers!


Who doesn’t love gingerbread men and who doesn’t love bunnies? So why not put the two together and have a gingerbread bunny!? I think they look amazing and love them. I love the chocolate chips and the icing to decorate them. And we can’t forget the smarties creating a cute little bunny tail. My little brother and I always get gingerbread men from Greggs whenever we’re out so I would love to do this with him. I think it would be great fun!


My Uncle actually inspired me with this one. My Auntie had made mini egg cheesecake and he was telling my Mum and I all about it. I love cheesecake and would definitely want to give this a try.


And those are some of my Easter baking ideas. I hope you all enjoyed reading todays post. Will you be giving any of these delicious treats a go? I’m really wanting to make the Malteser bunny cupcakes and the gingerbread bunnies this year. If there are any posts you would like to read on my blog in the future, please comment your suggestions in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me over on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you on Wednesday for my next post. Have a great week and I will see you very soon!


Lots of love,

Stacey xxx

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