Christmas Pamper Night

Hey everyone, I hope you are all okay. How has your day been? For today’s post, I wanted to go through my Christmas Pamper Night routine. I tend to do this a couple of days before Christmas or on Christmas Eve. I like to feel fresh and relaxed ready to be 100% ready for Christmas. So, here is my full Christmas Pamper Night routine.


We’ll start with the obvious thing which is having a nice relaxing bath. My Mum has a wax burner in our bathroom and we are currently using her Christmas scented wax melts which is definitely perfect to have on while having a bath. It gives off a lovely scent in the bathroom. I wash my hair and have a wash to feel fully refreshed and happy. I use the TRESemmé Salon Silk shampoo on my hair which always leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and smelling so good afterwards. Then my go to bodywash has to be the Bodyshop strawberry scented shower gel. It is the best! I also sometimes change things up around Christmas time. I enjoy using some of Lush’s bath bombs as a real treat for Christmas. I think it’s great to sometimes change it so it’s more fun.


Next we have my selfcare routine which involves my skincare. The products I use are all from the Clean and Clear range. Starting with the exfoliating wash, I apply it all around my face gently rubbing it in. Once it’s all applied, I rinse it off with warm water and then pat my face dry with a towel.


Next in my routine I use if I have any blackheads. And it really does work and cleans them up pretty quick! What I do is rinse the area where I have them, then apply a little amount of the Clean and Clear blackhead scrub onto my finger and the massage it into the skin. I then rinse this off and again dry my face with the towel.


The final step in my skincare routine is to moisturise. I use the Clean and Clear moisturiser and I love it. It isn’t oily at all and it leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother after using it. It is so nice. I apply this all over my face and then I have completed my skincare routine.


I get all three of these products from Boots and I would definitely recommend them. They have worked wonders for my skin and I am definitely happy with the results.

Clean and Clear Exfoliating Wash, £3.39 Boots:

Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub, £3.99 Boots:

Clean and Clear Moisturiser, £3.39 Boots:


Once all that is complete, a classic “get ready with me perk” is obviously leg hair. I use the Veet hair removal cream and it is amazing. With smooth legs for up to 28 days, you’re left feeling so confident. I use the sensitive skin 100ml bottle.


The final thing I always do on a pamper night is paint my nails. Now I LOVE painting my nails. I find it so enjoyable to do it and I love using different colours to make the perfect design for me. My go to nail colour is the Ciaté London “Goal digger” as it is by far my favourite colour. This year, I think im going to give on of the designs from my Top Nail Designs for Winter post. I always feel like my pamper night is completed once I have painted my nails.


And that is what I do for my Christmas pamper night. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. What do you do when you have your own pamper night? If there are any kinds of posts you would like to read on my blog in the future, please comment them down below. I’d love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow for my next blogmas post. See you soon!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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