Christmas at Lush 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a good day. What have you been up to today? Today I have been super busy but it has been a good day. I have my last week at college as well this week before we break up for Christmas which is exciting. Whenever I think of things linked to Christmas Lush always comes to mine. The smell of all their products is to die for and they always come out with gorgeous Christmas scents and cute Christmas themed bath bombs. They also bring out little gift sets for you t get your loved ones as presents. So for today, I thought I would go through some of the new Lush Christmas products for 2020.


We have to start with my absolute favourite- the Snow Fairy range! Omg this is the nicest thing Lush do in my opinion. This year lush have added to this gift set. In the Snow Fairy set, you now get a bottle of the Snow Fairy shower gel, the Snow Fairy bath bomb, the Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar and the Snow Fairy body conditioner. This new set all comes to £25. But Lush also do two other Snow Fairy gift sets which is amazing as it is such a hit. For a smaller gift set containing the x and x, it is £12.50 and then the biggest out of all three is £65 which has 7 items in the box. In this, you get the Snow Fairy bath bomb, The Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar, Snow Fairy body spray, Snow Fairy body conditioner, Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fairy shampoo bar and Fairy dust.

Little Snow Fairy Gift Set, £12.50 Lush:

Snow Fairy Gift Set, £25 Lush:

Christmas Fairy Gift Set, £65 Lush:


The second I walk into Lush, I am always drawn to the huge stack of bath bombs which are always on display. The smell is just incredible. I love walking around and picking out a couple to use. Lush always bring out themed bath bombs around holidays like Christmas and Halloween. This year, I know Lush brought out a pumpkin bath bomb and a glow in the dark ghost bath bomb. For Christmas, Lush have created four limited edition bath bombs this year.


Starting with “Golden Wonder”, this bath bomb is super cute! I love how it is a little present. It would be perfect to give to someone this Christmas. I love the colour, and the name is super cute too. It is such a great bath bomb. This bath bomb is £5.95 making it the most expensive limited edition bath bomb out of the Christmas range.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, £5.95 Lush:


Next, we have “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.” Now if the name hasn’t given it away already, this bath bomb is shaped like a hippo. It is this really sweet, dusty blue colour and it is raspberry scented giving you a lovely fruity feeling. You can get this bath bomb this Christmas for £2.95.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb, £2.95 Lush:


Up next, we have this cute little robot. This bath bomb is called “Tick-Tock”. It is a kind of glittery orangey/copper colour but it looks so nice! It is said to give off again a citrus scent. This bath bomb is £3.95.

Tick-Tock Bath Bomb, £3.93 Lush:


The final limited edition Christmas bath bomb is called “Winter Garden”. It is a fully white bath bomb with petals on top. The petals float in the bath giving a peaceful vibe to you bathroom once it’s dropped and dissolved into the water. This bath bomb gives off much more of a floral scent compared to the others which are more fruity. So if you like floral scents, this bath bomb is just for you! The “Winter Garden” bath bomb is £3.95.

Winter Garden Bath Bomb, £3.95 Lush:


Moving on from bath bombs and onto more of the gift sets. Lush have released a limited edition gift set. “The Art of Christmas Bathing” is a gift set completed of 20 bath bombs. In here, you get a lot of Christmassy bath bombs plus some favourites like “Intergalactic” and “Twilight”. This gift set is priced at £100 from Lush.

The Art of Christmas Bathing Gift Set, £100 Lush:


Next up, we have the “Christmas Bath Time Favourites” gift set. In this gift set, you get half of the amount of bath bombs compared to the previous gift set. For £49, you get 10 of the Christmas bath bombs.

Christmas Bath Time Favourites Gift Set, £49 Lush:


I absolutely love the look of this next gift set. I LOVE eating gingerbread men- especially the ones from Greggs, so this gift set looks amazing! It is in the shape of a gingerbread house. The Gingerbread House gift set is priced at £35 and comes with 6 products plus the reusable tin. Inside, we have: American Cream shower gel, a Candy Cane bubble bar, the Angels Delight bath bomb, The Comforter bath bomb, Yog Nog shower gel and the Snow Fairy Roll bubble bar. You do get lots of products in this gift set which is really good. I think the tin itself is super cute. It is very Christmassy!

Gingerbread House, £35 Lush:


Moving onto the “Christmas Candy Box” gift set. You get four products wrapped in a present for £20. We have the Candy Cane bubble bar, the Snow Fairy shower gel, the Angels Delight bath bomb and the Butterbear bath bomb. These are great products in this gift set. I love the packaging as it looks like a really gift filled with surprises.

Christmas Candy Box, £20 Lush:


The “Christmas Bliss” gift set is wrapped up in this gorgeous lilac wrapping paper decorated with pink ribbon. It looks amazing already without even looking what treats you get inside. This gift set contains 6 Lush products. It goes around a sort of ‘dreamy’ theme with relaxing and calming products. In this set, you get: a Sleepy bubble bar, the Sleepy body location, a Deep Sleep bath bomb, Sleepy soap, the Snow Fairy shower gel and the Snow Fairy bath bomb. The “Sleepy” products in this set smell like lavender as it is a very calming gift set. It is priced at £36.

Christmas Bliss, £36 Lush:


I love the style of this gift set. The name of this gift set reveals all but as you can see, the box is shaped like a Christmas tree and the baubles on the tree are replaced by bath bombs. This gift set is £20 and it comes with 6 of Lush’s bath bombs. These are: Shoot For The Stars, Avobath Mini, Butterball, Intergalactic Mini, Groovy Kind Of Love Mini and Snow Fairy Mini. I think this is a super cool and cute gift set to treat someone to this Christmas. I love how the packaging is shaped like a Christmas tree and how to decorate it, they’ve used the Lush bath bombs. It is so creative!

Oh Christmas Tree Gift Set, £20 Lush:


The final gift set from Lush is called “Secret Santa”. Just like its name, this gift set is perfect for Secret Santa if you know they love Lush. It comes with 2 treats in this cute little box. We have a candy cane bubbly bar and the “Snowman Dreaming” bath bomb. This gift set is £10 making it a great gift for someone this Christmas.

Secret Santa Gift Set, £10 Lush:


Those are just some of my Christmas favourites at Lush this year. There is so much more which you can find in store and online. I hope you all enjoyed reading my post today. What is your favourite thing to get from Lush? Like I said, the winner for me in the Snow Fairy Gift Set. I just love them! If there are any kinds of posts you would like to see on my blog in the future, please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates throughout the week.


But that’s all from me today. I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you tomorrow for my next post. Have a great day and I’ll see you soon!


Lots of love, sparkles and festive cheer,

Stacey xxx

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